Friday, April 22, 2016

Chomping at the Bit


You guys.

My dear imaginary friends and occasional actual readers.

I am so amped up for readathon right now.  Like, I want to take the day off work and make it a 36 hour event.

Like, I have all these questions as a first-timer, but I didn't do the Twitter chats, to I'm just going to figure it out as I go, and I'm so excited to do that.  I can't wait to find out about logging my stats and hourly contests and all that.

Like, last night I accidentally read one of the books on my TBR list, which is no big deal, because I have about five times as many books set aside as I can actually read.  But I also got into my snacks, which is bad because a) I'm going to want ALL THE SNACKS on read-a-thon day, and b) I was trying to eat super healthy this week so I can splurge on the weekend.  And even though I do have some healthy snacks, the ones I gave into last night were the cookies and the caramels, of course.

Like, I started out saying, "I'll probably be able to read for about 12 hours," and then went to "I'm going to challenge myself to read for 16 hours," and now I'm thinking, "I wonder if I can read for at least 15 minutes out of each hour and read through the night too?"

Like, I keep telling random people "I'm doing a 24 hour read-a-thon this weekend!" which is apparently a weird thing to say, because I keep getting funny looks.  And then there was the clerk at the grocery store who guessed I was going on a road trip, and when I said, no, read-a-thon, he wanted to know what I was raising money for.  When I explained that no, I'm just reading, he was nonplussed.

My family though--they are ON BOARD.  I almost didn't sign up, because for various complicated reasons it's hard for my family to go without my attention and presence for more than a few hours at a time.  I only decided to go for it when I realized that my son had been invited to spend Saturday night at a friend's house and my husband and I had been invited to go to a wine tasting party, so 2/3 of my people would be fine without me for part of the time.  I still didn't think they'd be very happy about it.  My husband, while literate, doesn't read books for fun, so I expected at best, resignation from him.

I forgot a few key things.  A) He's all about supporting each others' dreams and goals, and he knows that reading for me is what strategy games are to him.  B) He has a strong compete-with-yourself compulsion, so even though the format is unfamiliar, he totally gets the spirit of the  thing.  When I told him about it, he immediately started strategizing.  "Okay, so if we make a big pot of coffee the night before, you can just heat it and drink it when you get up, so you don't have to waste time making it at 5 am."  He bought me snacks (that's why I have some healthy ones too) and checked out some board games from the library to play with the kids.

My kids are a little more skeptical.  That would be because I haven't told them my game plan for them, which is "Yes, you can be on electronics all stinkin' day long."  My daughter is starting to get intrigued, and has asked me to wake her up early so she can sit and read with me.  In last month's Slice of Life challenge, I ended up winning a stack of five picture books by French Canadian author Marianne Dubuc, and my daughter was so happy to find that they are "just right" (or even rather easy) books for her.  I figure that one of my "breaks" can be reading aloud to them--we have been meaning to start the third Harry Potter AND the third Percy Jackson.

I'm kind of worried about the sleep issue.  In the past year I've become really dependent on naps.  Getting up an hour early, on the weekend no less, and then trying to stay awake all day long, while sitting in comfortable chairs, seems like it might get challenging.  If I could rely on myself to take power naps, then I'd do so, but I have trouble waking back up and am afraid I'll lose hours of time.   I am glad that I have plans to take a midafternoon walk with a friend.  Her mom died a couple of weeks ago, and this is my first chance to see her, so I wouldn't have cancelled anyway, but I actually think it will be a positive re-charge, given that "a change is as good as a rest," (a saying Latvians used to tell me was an English saying, although I'd never heard it before).

I will probably go to bed early tonight, and then not be able to sleep, because I am TOO EXCITED!


  1. I am super excited too. I think it is because I don't often get to say- "I am doing this and only this for 24 hours so entertain yourself" to the spouse.
    Like a self-care literary Christmas!

  2. I love it! You 'accidentally' read one of the books on your TBR. The snacks sound like a great idea to have during a readathon.
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal - Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

  3. I love this post on so many levels!

    A husband that supports you and helps you strategize your reading? Amazing! A child that's going to read with you? Wonderful! Planned energizing breaks with a friend that needs you right now? Great!

    This is my first read-a-thon too and I was able to get all of my kids excited, which as a single mom means I'll have more time to read and less time trying to wrangle them tomorrow. We all picked out snacks together, went to the library together, and plan on camping out in the living room together. I expect I'll have to take some "breaks" to read to them, but I checked out Mary Poppins and bought the Illustrated Harry Potter for the occasion.

    Have a great time tomorrow!

  4. How exciting! I wish I'd heard of this sooner as it's right up my alley. Good luck and enjoy!


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