Friday, March 4, 2016

SOL 4: The Traffic Circle

It's a busy Friday--husband took one kid up to the mountain, meaning I have to leave work right after the buses pull out to go pick up the other kid, who will then (rightfully) expect my attention all evening.

So this will be short.

There's a traffic circle on my work commute.  As is usual, cars pop in, drive counterclockwise around it, and pop back out at their correct street.  In the mornings, this is fine.  I have to give the hairy eyeball to cars on the next entrance, to make sure they don't assume I'm spinning off already and pull out in front of me, then I take the third road and continue on to work.

In the afternoon, however, I enter then circle, then immediately exit it at the next street.  About 1/4 of the time, I find that I have automatically put my right turn signal on.  I guess because it's basically the same action as a regular right turn.

But nobody puts their blinkers on for traffic circles, because there's only one option on how to go.  So I feel like a gigantic dork every time I notice I have my turn signal on.

Yes.  I'm 46 years old, and I'm worrying that strangers in other cars will think I'm not cool because I use my turn signal at a traffic circle.

And then I'm mad at myself for being so insecure and ridiculous, which is actually just as silly of a thing to care about.

Written as part of the Slice of Life March writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Ha ha! I was amused by your admission of worrying you didn't look cool. And traffic circles! Whose idea were those?
    I recall the MO in Mexico City. Enter circle and floor it. Don't let anyone think you might yield...
    Have a great evening.

  2. Lol. I HATE traffic circles. They totally stress me out! I use my turn signal to let people know which street I'm exiting at (clearly I know very little about traffic circle protocol). I guess I'm the traffic circle nerd!


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