Thursday, March 31, 2016

SOL #31: Wrap it Up

I realize now why I had such trouble writing yesterday--with only two days left, it felt like I had to come up with The Best Slice Yet, that I had to figure out which story was The One That Must Be Told.

But it's okay.  I'm allowed to keep writing after today.  I can participate in the weekly SOL writing; I can keep blogging, I can experiment with fiction, I can write my memoirs in limerick form, if that's what I choose.

I can write.  I have made room in my life for it in a way I hadn't since the days of blank travel journals.  I can write.  It doesn't matter that I won't become a published author, much less write the kind of literary magic that brightens my reading life.  I can write.  Some people will read it, and some of those people will respond kindly.  I can write, and learn what I think, and push myself to think more and write better.

I can write.

Written as part of the Slice of Life March writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers


  1. Wendy, I liked your last paragraph with the repetition of "I can write" --like a celebration, like a bird given wings. It is a feeling that I too have now after 31 days.

  2. So well said, your post leaves nothing more to say. Congratulations, writer!

  3. I read through your March reading wrap-up before landing on the SOL. WOW! What a fantastic list of books. And hey, we can't always write the best slice yet, as your book review emphasizes in terms of authors and books. Besides, you have A to Z to practice. I'm bookmarking your site so I can connect w/ you more in April. Later!

  4. Yes, you can write! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories this month! I look forward to reading your blog throughout the year. Happy April!


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