Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Break

I  doubt crowds have been checking my website, wondering where I've been, but all the same, I feel rather rude for disappearing for a week.

It's Christmas, I'm a mom, and I had strep throat.  I spent four days thinking I was coming down with something, then one night laying in bed, I was having to screw up my courage every time I had to swallow because it hurt so bad, and I was sort of wheezing when I laid on my back because my throat felt so full, and I finally realized--oh, I'm not GETTING a cold, I HAVE strep.  So I actually looked down my throat and yikes.  I'll spare you the description, but it freaked me out enough that rather than waiting to get it checked out at the clinic the next day I drove myself to the emergency room.  The doctor took a look, said, "Woah!" and waved off the nurse who'd just come in with the stuff for a throat swab.  "I can diagnose it from here," he said, and they gave me a shot of penicillin in my rear.

So I lost a few pre-holiday prep days to feeling like crap, and my husband's anxiety spirals at this time of year, and my daughter got strep too, and my son's stuff also amps up during holidays, all of which sounds pretty grim, but we've also been doing some really nice and enjoyable things with our time.  And I haven't been blogging.

I'll pick it back up over the next few days.  For now, I'll leave you with this:

(Not my photo, but my husband does have this cup.)

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