Friday, December 18, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

I work in a middle school, which means we occasionally have spirit weeks, with a different dress-up theme each day of the week.

Yesterday was "Twin Day," in which pairs (or groups) of people wear similar outfits and do their hair the same way.

I was twins with my coffee cup.

And yes, I was just as pleased with myself as I look in this photo.

Which got me thinking about other fantastic spirit days.

*The "Prince or Princess" day when I donned a fancy bridesmaid dress and an aluminum foil crown, prompting a nearly mute student with autism to smile up at me and exclaim, "Ay, Maestra!" when I walked past her in the hall.

*The "Would You Still Love Me if I Dressed Like THIS?" day during my one year up at the local high school.  I went to town with patterned tights, flowered skirt, plaid shirt, striped scarf, giant garden hat and Crocs.  All day long, students walked into my room, stopped dead, and said, ""

* The "Gender Bender" day when I wore my husband's flannel shirt and khakis and painted a mustache on, then realized how much I look like my dad after all.

*The year I was teaching in a Riga high school, where my seniors were all 18 & 19, meaning of legal drinking age.  They had a pajama day, and one kid brought a thermos of hot cocoa that he offered everyone.  They would take a cup, have a sip, and say, "Oh!" and start grinning.  I declined to taste it, so I could maintain plausible deniability.  Disclaimer: I would react entirely differently in a US high school.

Forget about summer breaks and the privilege of watching young minds develop.  Spirit days are where it's at.

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  1. Aw, I miss spirit days! Ours weren't nearly that creative or fun (and in a high school for over 3,000 students, it wasn't very uniting either). Good on you for being relaxed around the kids during PJ day! And also for going the extra mile and painting on facial hair for Gender Bender day. I love it!


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