Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Analysis

I logged 200 books on Goodreads.

I started using GR in 2008, and last year was the first year I passed 100 books.  In 2012, when we adopted two kids, I only read 50 books all year.  A large part of this increase is because I'm focusing so much on reading YA books so I can recommend them in my classes.  Some graphic novels take only 20-30 minutes to read, and some of the fluffier novels don't take much longer.  I also recorded 14 picture books this year, either because they were just that good, or because I'd marked them as to-read, so I would remember to get them at the library, then changed the status once we were done.

Still, it's a lot of reading.  56,099 pages, according to Goodreads.

23 got 2 stars.  About 75 got 3.  So half of my books were 4 or 5 stars, which is great.  I don't force myself to read stuff I don't enjoy.  Even three star books are usually fine by me.

My five star books were:
Picture books: Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake, Christmas Wombat, A Christmas Memory
Professional book: The Reading Zone
YA: The Scorpio Races, Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Made You Up, Challenger Deep

According to Goodreads' deeply satisfying (but still incomplete) statistics, my average book length was 282 pages, and my average score was 3.4  Game of Thrones was my longest book read, Gone Girl was the most commonly read of my books, and Winter is the book I read that has the highest Goodreads average.  And I'm not currently up to the painstaking work of sorting my genre, but a quick count tells me that 30 of the books I read were not written for young adults or children.

My general aim for 2016 is probably fewer books, but a higher percentage of nonfiction, classics, and adult novels.

How was your reading year?  What statistics do you like to track?

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  1. That sure is an awful lot of books! You should be proud of all of those :3 I also gave Made You Up 5 stars this past year!


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