Monday, November 9, 2015

TTT: Books To Movies

The charming bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish have another great topic for this week's top 10: movie adaptations of books that I'm looking forward to or still need to watch.

Disclaimer: I don't watch many movies.  I'm kind of cheap, I'm really busy, and not to sound ridiculously like an English teacher, I'd rather spend my time reading.  So this was a bit of a challenge for me.   I used to think my parents were so weird for never going to the movies, and now I only do once or twice a year, and I don't Netflix much either.

I was disappointed to hear that Child 44, which is one of my favorite books, was made into a lousy movie.  I don't feel compelled to see A Walk in the WoodsThe BFGThe Jungle BookMonster Calls, or Me Before You, even though I love all those books.   I'm not convinced that a movie adaptation will bring much more to the story. (Of course, because of my kids, I'm most likely to see The BFG and The Jungle Book out of all the movies on or off my list.)

(well, except for The Princess Bride, and LOTR, and The Bourne Identity series...)

1.  I still haven't seen Mockingjay Part 1, but I want to see it and then see Part 2.

2.  I'd like to see Far From the Madding Crowd.  I haven't read it in a long time, but it was one of my favorites, and I hear the adaptation is pretty good.

3.  I have yet to watch Paper Towns or TFIOS, and I guess Looking for Alaska is also in production.  I bet they would all be fun to watch.  In a horribly sad sort of way, of course.

4.  I also somehow managed to watch the final installment of The Hobbit without watching the others.  I'd like to correct that.  I know that all the Tolkien movies are sillier than the books, with jammed-in romances, but I still love the scale and beauty of them.

5.  I'm going to say this counts, since these TV shows are book based--I can't WAIT for the holiday season Victorian episode of Sherlock, and I'd kind of like to watch Elementary as well.

6.  I thought The Fifth Wave was a pretty fun dystopian YA novel, so I'd be up for seeing the movie too.  This is actually one way my husband and I can share stories, since he's not a fiction reader.

7.  Looking forward to Spectre.  I know Ian Fleming is dated, sexist, and xenophobic,'s Bond.  James Bond.  My daddy took me to a film festival when I was about twelve, and we saw three back-to-back.

Just--please--don't replace all the book covers with photos of the actors.  Just don't.

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