Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Off to Minneapolis! Bringing five pounds of mystery!

I need to get to bed for a few hours--my flight leaves at 5:50 am, which means I have to leave the house at 4:00.  Yick.  I have been super busy, because as my husband pointed out last night, not only do I have to get myself ready to go, but I have to get my classroom and my family ready to be left behind.  I think I have just about everything as prepared as it's going to get--I might shine my shoes if I can muster up the energy.

Temperatures are supposed to hover right around freezing all four days.  I found a coat at Goodwill this evening.

Also, I saw the latest Elizabeth George in the "no-holds" section of the library the other day and had to grab it.  It's like five thousand pages long and is not renewable, so guess what I'm taking along?  Rumor has it that I'll be able to find plenty of YA while I'm there, so if I finish it on the plane or in the hotel room, I'll have other things to read.  (I know you all understand why, when planning a trip, having enough to read is high on the priority list.)  It's been interesting reading something that is decidedly not YA for a change.  Not only is it bleaker (and smuttier--there is definitely something off about Caroline's relationship with her sons), but the pacing and the characterization are so much more subtle.  I'm enjoying it.

Also, I managed to lose my stinkin' phone just hours before this trip, so my husband made a run to the phone store and bought me a new one.  Now we're really hoping that my reimbursement check for the plane ticket comes through very soon.  My old phone was about four years old, which I guess is ancient in phone years.  I couldn't update apps anymore.  And I had no front camera for selfies.  #firstworldproblems  I guess they've been solved now.

Love the title.  We've all had that feast.

Regular book for width comparison--it's nearly twice as big!
I'll post recaps of what I learn and who I see and what books I get.  If I don't get to it during the trip, I do at least have next week off, which is going to be so helpful!

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  1. Enjoy your trip! Hope everything else goes smoothly since you started off with a bump in the road!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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