Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fifty Books Weigh 42 Pounds: NCTE Conference Post #3

I had heard that the conference was a good place to get books.  I heard something about free books and discounts.  I figured I could put books in my wheeled carry on for the ride home and check it through as luggage, then carry an extra bag with the displaced clothes as my carry on.

Then the first day there, I got 34 books.

I schlepped them back to my hotel through nearly a mile of Minneapolis Skyway in these three bags.  It was a workout, let me tell you.  Once back, I sorted them.
Books that were five bucks. Yes,
including the hardback Rowells.
Books that were free.  FREE!  They were
giving away books! 

And I already posted a picture of the books I got autographed that day.

So the plan was to play it cool on day 2.  I knew I wanted to get some Ness.  I would still accept free books, because duh.  But I certainly couldn't bring home many more books.

And really, I did okay.  I only got another fifteen books.  (The final book in my 50 count is the library book I read on my way there.)  And one was a Christmas gift, so it doesn't really count.  My total haul looked like this:
Gorgeous, am I right?

And also prompting me to post on Facebook, "I wound up with too many books and am trying to figure out how to get them home. This is probably the best problem I've ever had, but it's still a problem."

No way in hell could I fit that into a carry-on wheelie and a laptop carrier.  I texted my sister who works at a UPS store about the price difference between paying for luggage vs. shipping it all home, and worked out that luggage would be noticably cheaper.  The UPS store that I could walk to was closed Sunday anyway.  The hero of this story is my friend Carla, who lives in Minneapolis.  She drove downtown with her four-year-old to give me a duffle bag her family had bought to get home from a trip themselves.  I was thus able to get everything home, although dragging it all through the streets of Minneapolis was certainly a challenge.  It didn't help that my introvert-ness prevented me from simply asking at the front desk, "Now, which way do I head to the light rail station?" so I walked seven blocks in order to cover a two block distance.  My arms hurt so bad after a few blocks that I started to get worried about weight limits, but luckily, I'm just weak.  One bag was 23 lbs and the other was 19.

Now I just have to get them into my classroom next week.

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  1. Yay for the problem of too many books!! I remember at BEA 2014, I paid way too much to ship books home, and I figured out with RT to just pack light and leave myself plenty of room for books!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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