Sunday, October 25, 2015

Look at what I got! Fun with Uppercase YA Book Subscription

When I started book blogging a few short months ago, I was a little confused by the Book Haul posts.  To me, it wasn't much different than the equally baffling youtube videos my 9 year old loves to watch, in which kids open Little Pony blind bags.  I should care about your stuff why?  But obviously, my daughter isn't the only person that does love to see what people got.

There are a few groups with whom I share my new books.  Most obviously, if I buy YA books, sooner or later they end up in my classroom.  I love to create a sense of excitement around them by holding raffles for who gets to read each book first.  It leverages everyone's desire to win contests into getting everyone to want to read the new books.

If I read a book I like, or find a new author or series that I enjoy, I will often tell my sisters.  Two of us are library users and one is a purchaser, so it's not so much "book haul" as book recommendations.  That being said, the copy of Gone Girl that I picked up at a used book store last summer has gone from one sister's house to our niece's house.  I have some other reader friends who I'll share titles with, and sometimes we even do White Elephant exchanges of books off our own shelves.

All of which is a super lengthy way of saying I feel a little weird about what I'm about to do, which is tell you about my Uppercase book shipments.  (We won't even get into my hangups about advertising for a company for free.  Suffice it to say that when designer jeans first hit in the late 1970s, my mom looked at the names on the rears and scoffed, 'Why should I pay to advertise their product?" and that's the attitude I inherited.)

BUT.  I do think these boxes are exciting.  Well, they're actually little bags that come in soft packages.  I've gotten two so far.  The first book was really, really good.  The second book was mediocre, but I can't expect every single choice to be exactly to my taste, right?

Alas, I did not photograph and Instagram the actual opening of the boxes, so you'll have to bear with me as I try to pull together some visuals after the fact.

SEPTEMBER--my first box.

THE BOOK: Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman
This was such a great surprise book.  I doubt I would have read it otherwise, yet I really enjoyed it.  I am also completely enamored of the cover.  Again, I would not think that brown, orange, skulls and guns would do it for me, but it works really well.  Also, instead of the slick, cold paper that is used more often, it's a very soft, tactile cover that I actually didn't have to take off in order to read the book.  I appreciated being pushed outside my usual genre.

The books also come with a half dozen post-its interspersed.  When you hit that point in the book, you enter the secret code on the post-it for more content online.  Like, stuff about the author's inspiration, or an online discussion about who should play which part if it's made into a movie.  This is so not important, and yet so very fun.

Finally, each book includes an autographed bookplate.  Not as meaningful as getting a book autographed personally, but still kind of cool.

One pair of Golden Snitch earrings.  The only people who have noticed them are my daughter and one of my friends who's a big HP fan.  The earrings are studs, and my hair kind of covers my ears.  The two people who noticed them were SUPER enthusiastic and suitably jealous.

One stylish "Books To Read" notepad.  It's funny; I wasn't all that thrilled initially, but I've been using the notepad daily at work, and every time I start a new page, I feel happy.  (Shh--I don't use it to list books to read.)

All packaged up in a little linen sack.  I need to figure out what I can do with these as they pile up.  There was also a Vengeance Road bookmark in this order, which given my love for the cover, is really pretty.  I don't use bookmarks much in my real life, but at school I have to read in dribs and drabs, so I'm using the bookmark there.

I'm not sure about the etiquette here, so since I don't have any photos, I'm going to send you to Uppercase to look at other people's photos.

And since it's late, I'm going to stop here.  If you are interested, I can write another post about this month's box.  And so on, because I don't see ending my subscription any time soon!


  1. I'm glad you liked your box! I've never subscribed for anything like this because I haaate surprises. (Seriously I'm awful at Christmas and birthdays. I must know EXACTLY what is going on or else I just don't cope. haha.) Oh and I really love book haul posts because it shows me what's new and what other's are reading and I like to compare opinions and expectations. :D
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  2. Ooh, this sounds like so much fun! Perfect Christmas gift for my sister.


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