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A Borrowed Cup of Chocolate.

Elizabeth at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord has this amazing post in which she joined in a group of other bloggers to post two questions, then answer everyone's question together.  I'm pretty sure I clicked on it because it has the word "chocolate" in the title--"The Hot Seat with Hot Chocolate."  The questions looked like fun, and since I wasn't motivated to do the TTT topic this week, I wanted to have some other organizational force to write a post around.  Without further ado, here are the questions her Hot Chocolate group generated, and my responses.

Olivia @ The Candid Cover

Are you a fan of book-to-movie adaptations? If so, which is your favourite?
Princess Bride, LOTR, and the Anne of Green Gables mini-series were all great.  (Incidentally, a typing accident just showed me that an acrostic would be Anne of Green Bagels.)
Do you ever have crushes on characters in books? Who is your current crush?

Oh, all the time.  I currently have a completely age-inappropriate crush on Finn from Laurie Halse Anderson’s The Impossible Knife of Memory, since I finished it a few hours ago.  Of course, it’s really the "high school me" I become while reading a high school book that has a crush on him, just like it’s the "princess me" that falls for the dashing prince, or the "detective me" that falls for the wounded but kind hearted client.  I feel what the protagonist feels for her love from her point of view.

Also, I am still digging Tyrion from GoT. Not sure what that's about.

Elizabeth the Evil Overlord

How long does it take you to pull together a review after you’ve read the book?
I don’t write many reviews.  When I do, they don't take that long, because I pretty much just write what I’m thinking.  Half an hour? Considerably longer for other posts, like this one.
Do you read ahead or skip certain elements in a book? Why?

Read ahead or skip, no.  Read SUPER FAST at times, yes.  Descriptions of scenery and clothing usually don’t get much attention from me.  I’m focused on the events and emotions, not on visualizing in detail. Every once in awhile if a book is really boring me and I'm going to abandon it, but there is some interesting plot point, I will go ahead and read the end to find out how it resolves without having to slog through the rest of it. But if I'm going to read the book, I read it in order.

Milka from Read, Read, Read

Which book would you like to see turned into a film or a TV series? Who would you cast for the roles of the main characters?
Graceling would be fun to see on the big screen.  
Which fictional character would you like to go on a date with? What would you do?
I’d happily take a hike with Loyd Peregrina from Animal Dreams.  

Kat from Books & Sensibility

What is the last book you pre-ordered or purchased the day it came out?
The only book I’ve pre-ordered is Marissa Meyer’s Winter.  After her publicist sent my class the first three books for free, it was the least I could do.  Plus, you know, I really want to read it!

Which author do you think is amazing that you feel l like doesn’t get enough love?
Marge Piercy. Some of her early stuff was very 70s feminist, which isn’t a bad thing, but does feel dated.  But she has some gorgeous books that are timeless.  City of Darkness, City of LIght is historical fiction (French Revolution)  He, She, and It is grown-up dystopian sci fi to rival The Handmaid’s Tale, and her poetry is really accessible.   (Translation, I enjoy it instead of being bored or confused by it.)

Alice @ Alice’s Book Vault

What book, if there is one, has given you the worst book hangover?
The Brothers K, by David James Duncan, broke my heart in so many ways.  I read it about twenty years ago, and I remember it far better than most books I read in 2014.  I still can’t believe the man stopped writing novels.  Such a loss to readers.  
What series do you wish would never end? That you could always get more of?
I hope Elizabeth George keeps writing mysteries that feature Inspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers for a very long time.

Wesaun from Oreos & Books

If you had to face your biggest fear or fears with a character to be your guide along the way, which would you choose?
That’s hard to say.  The tough, brave girls, from Caddie Woodlawn to Katniss Everdeen to Lisbeth Salander would probably be impatient with me.  But I want someone with some gumption, right?  I’m going to volunteer Rose Campbell from Eight Cousins to be my guide and support.  Jo March would be another good one—I guess Ms. Alcott was good at writing women who were strong without being tough or emotionally distant.

What’s a book that would inspire you to do a cosplay/nail art/clothing/other? Why?
Well, I do love my golden snitch earrings...

Brittany @ The Passionate Bookworms

What is the last book you DNF’d? At what point did you stop and why?
After two runs at Throne of Glass, I gave up for good about 100 pages in. I just couldn’t get invested in the characters.
What do you think the next trend of books will be? For a long while it was dystopian, what is your prediction for the next big genre?
With #WNDB becoming a “thing” lately, and all the great titles I saw the summer on the TTT about diverse books, I have been reading a lot of really good contemporaries that include characters with mental illnesses, non-white characters, and GLBQT characters.  So maybe that will become a trend.

Nori @ ReadWriteLove28

If you could visit any world in any book, which world would you visit?
What character do you think could be your best friend?
Hermione.  Rev. Clare Ferguson. (mystery series) Taylor Greer. (The Bean Trees and Pigs in Heaven).

Tee from Me, Books & the Internet

Which book character do you think you’re most like? Why?
Oh dear God; I’m too dull to be a book character.  Beth Ellen in The Long Secret reminds me a bit of me, just because she’s quiet without being dull, and sometimes lets herself get pulled along by more extroverted friends.  However, I did not grow up with a maid and chauffeur.  I know I’ve read books that have decent moms in them, and/or decent teachers, and I’d like to think I’m somewhat like those women too.
Have you ever read a book that had a moment that happened to you in real life?
This isn’t an answer to this question, but I watched the episode on Buffy where her mom dies just a few months after my mom died, and, oh man.  That was rough.  I also have some struggles as parent and keep flashing back to the character in The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood who “dropped her basket” for awhile.  Those were both awful examples.  Hmm.  I once held my clothes over my head while crossing a stream, which made me think of Caddie Woodlawn, and inspired by Betsy in Understood Betsy, I once dealt with a sticky situation by imagining how someone I admired would handle it, and then pretending I was her.  

Elly from A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts

Choose one shelf from your bookshelf.  What does it look like?
We have a cabinet that we were given at a garage sale,  My husband painted it to match our walls, then added giant golden bear paw prints across the front.  (When people asks him why, he likes to stare at them for a few moments, then right as it gets weird, say, “You mean, why the big pause?”)  
The middle shelf is where we put most of our library books (there are also always random stacks hiding in bedrooms, in bags, or on the coffee table).  Right now there are 37 books jammed onto that shelf.  Many are YA fiction that I am “previewing for my students” (yeah, right).  The next biggest group are picture books to read to my kids, and a few early readers they read themselves.  Finally, there are a few nonfiction books I feel like I should read--one about education, one about writing, one about anger, one about racism--and, for going on three months now, A Storm of Swords.  
If you could have any animal from any book, who/what would you choose and why?

Just one?  Pfft. Hedwig, because she’s gorgeous and useful.  Lassie--from the book, not the TV show!--because she’s gorgeous and loyal.  A direwolf, because how awesome would that be.  
Yes, that was very fun.  It strikes me how many of my answers were from childhood favorites.  I re-read pretty much everything in those days, so the books and characters have stayed with me so well, Also, books have shaped and influenced me, shown me who I want to be and who I don't want to be.

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