Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I'd Read Anything By

It's Tuesday!  Today's theme, courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish is auto-buys.  Not car shopping, not autobios, authors whose new books you buy automatically, without any further knowledge.  

I don't really buy books for myself, so I'm going with "books I'd read just because of the author."

(This is going to look a lot like last week's list of authors I've read the most books by.)

Elizabeth George, Tana French, Reginald Hill, Julia Spencer-Fleming, and Sophie Hannah are all mystery writers I'd read anything by.  

Patrick Ness, Megan Whalen Turner, Kristin Cashore, Louis Sachar, Marissa Meyer, Chris Crutcher, and Karen Hesse are all YA writers whose books I'd read without even reading a synopsis or cover blurb.

Barbara Kingsolver, Ursula Le Guin, David James Duncan, Julia Alvarez (but only her adult work), Roddy Doyle, Sherman Alexie, Nick Hornby, Raymond Carver, E. M. Forster, Thomas Hardy, and Charles Dickens have never let me down.  Even when I don't LOVE one of their books, I trust them enough to pick up another one any time.  

Wow; that's a mighty white list.  Alexie and Alvarez are the only ones who aren't, to the best of my knowledge.  I need to branch out more.  

There are plenty of authors whom I've moved off this list after being disappointed more than once.  A few of the YA authors have really only written one series, so whose to say if I will continue to love them as they write new things.  But overall, I feel pretty confident that if I were doomed to only read one set of authors for the rest of my life, I could survive on this group.

I know, I know, that wasn't ten.  Fine, I'll attempt to pick out my top ten.  Just don't tell the others, okay?

These are not ranked in order!

1. Elizabeth George
2. Tana French
3. Patrick Ness
4.  Megan Whalen Turner
5.  Marissa Meyer
6. Barbara Kingsolver
7.  Ursula Le Guin
8. Charles Dickens
9. Sherman Alexie
10. Roddy Doyle

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  1. You can't go wrong with Alexie!

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