Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Settings

This is a Top Ten Tuesday post, hosted by the great blog The Broke and the Bookish.  This week's topic is supposed to be the last ten books that came into my posession, but since I currently have 86 items checked out from the library, I'm not sure how to approach that.  So I took the liberty of looking through past topics, and chose one that appealed to me--my ten favorite settings.  

10. Terry Pratchett's Discworld.  It would be endlessly fascinating.  Exploring Ankh-Morpork, not to mention all the wilder places outside the great city, would be a great tourist experience.  I'm not sure I'd want to live there, though.  

9. I've always been fascinated by pioneer life, and wondered what things looked like before the European invasion really got going.  Caddie Woodlawn's Wisconsin woods have stuck with me since I was little, and I'd love to hold my clothes over my head and ford a creek with her any time.

8. Likewise, I always wanted to skate along the frozen canals with Hans Brinker and his sister Gretel.  

7. The Secret Garden has many special settings.  From the glimpse of India to the beginning of the book to the eponymous garden, I'd like to see it all.  Most of all, it's the Yorkshire moors that have always sounded like a wonderful place to discover.  

6. Is it possible to read Anne of Green Gables and not long to see Prince Edward Island?  And then they made that mini-series, and upped the longing even more.  My parents got to go once, and I was so jealous.  

5. Isak Dinisen's Kenya.  I never saw the movie, but after visiting the author's grave in Denmark, I was compelled to read Out of Africa.  The images of the lions under the tree will always stay with me.  I'm more aware now that she was a colonist imposing her sense of Africa as exotic, but I'd still love to visit Kenya someday.  

4.  The Realm of Graceling.  Another place where I wouldn't make it long with my current skill set, but I love the idea of Graces.  Plus, Katsa, Po, and Bitterblue should have everything in good hand by now.  

3.  I've lived about five years in Latvia, off and on.  Most recently (about eight years ago), my husband and I spent a year in Riga.  I read The Dogs of Riga while we were there, and part of the action took place in our neighborhood.  It's set in the time period when I'd first come to Latvia--just as the Soviet Union was dissolving.  It was great fun having a seedy-underbelly-crime-fiction look at a place I love.  I always want to return to Riga!

2. For some of my life, I thought I might actually walk part or even all of the Pacific Crest Trail.  I no longer see than in my future,  but I'd gladly visit anywhere along the trail described in Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Well, okay, I'd prefer the Oregon/Washington sections.  The desert part sounds scary.  

1.  The bookish setting I'd most like to be in is Heidi's grandfather's mountain home.  It has always sounded like my version of heaven.  Wind in the pine trees to lull you to sleep, fields full of wildflowers, peaks looming against the sky...and a cozy wooden cabin to call home.   

I guess you can tell that I'm a mountain loving girl from my choices.  Also, that books I read in childhood made a vivid impression on me, probably because I did a lot more re-reading then.  What are some of your favorite settings?  


  1. Oh! This is such fun to think about and some of my favorite childhood books were on your list (Anne of Green Gables, Caddie Woodlawn, The Secret Garden). This will be a great family conversation. I know we will all include Hogwarts and I'm sure that Middle Earth will be on many of the lists. Narnia might be there as well. It's interesting to realize that many of my favorite settings are fantasy-based, since that's not my preferred genre. And, as you noted, many are from my childhood, too. Oh--how about Whangdoodleland! You've got me off and running now! Thanks for a great list and food for thought!

  2. Ooooh, yes to Hogwarts, Middle Earth, and Narnia. Also Earthsea. I have rarely met anyone familiar with Whangdoodles--that was one of my favorites too!


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